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Android Apps


Android Apps

Android has been the most popular and most used operating system in the world. When reaching the masses of the world, Android is the key to get in those markets. Android has dramatically changed from its debut in 2008 as a small OS to now being the dominant platform in the smartphone market.

Android is the most widely used OS, and is used by almost all of the smartphone population in many developing countries such as India, many South American countries, and many African countries.

There is a popular saying in Silicon Valley that we like to say, “Theres an app for that!”

How Can We Help?

At Livestone Tech, we hire the best Android developers. We believe that mastery in Android is important, with top-notch design, along with complete knowledge of current UI & UX standards. Along with that, we know it is important to use the best tools, so we use Android Studio, to make sure the app is compliant with standards and will work efficiently and quickly, just the way you want it.