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How we started Livestone Tech

As we were growing our first startup, we always needed more developers. The problem was that to get the best developers with lots of experience, we had to hire full time employees that costed a lot and that added lots of work for us to manage them. As a startup, money was always a problem and we couldn’t keep on making commitments for full-time employees, with all their added costs. The only alternative was to go to a local development agency and pay them $150+/hr for their senior developers. The other way was to outsource to other countries for low prices. Outsourcing added more problems, such as time zone, poor management, and communication issues.

This problem got us thinking – What if we can provide cheap development services to people, and still afford to have development done in the USA? How can we provide Silicon Valley developers to people for such low rates? That’s the vision and concept we envisioned and implemented in Livestone Tech.

About our team

The Livestone Tech development team is compromised of the best and well qualified mobile, web, desktop, and back-end server developers based in the heart of Silicon Valley in California, USA. We love problem-solving and working on our clients’ projects.

Livestone Tech was created to be a low cost solution to help all companies, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, for them to be able to access low-cost & reliable developers at a California time zone. Clients outside of PST but in USA also find us useful for having a very similar time zone and being able to work efficiently & quickly on their next big ideas.